I have been a system administrator for small companies for over 15 years. I know how to balance the need for reliable hardware and software with the budgets of a small business. So often small businesses without independent consulting are told that they need hardware that is thousands of dollars more than what they actually need. I have spent the last 15 years setting up reliable hardware and software platforms that fit inside the small business budget.

Most small businesses turn to large service providers looking for guidance and experience.
Too often all they find is that the company cares more about billing an extra hour than actually fixing the problems.
What about when you call for help? Will it be someone who has come before and knows the problem? Or will it be a new guy who doesnít know whatís going on? With PersonalTech itís the same person each time you call, the same person you have developed a relationship with. Relationships and trust are what small business is all about.

Personal Service
I provide personalized support. You tell me your goals and I work with you to create a solution. No more meeting with salesmen to sell you their next best product.

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